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Wavepower 2016/19 is the Swim England Child Safeguarding Policy & Procedures manual and replaces all previous SE Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures documents. SSASC is committed to adopting and implementing Wavepower 2016/19.

 SwimMark Documents:


Stratford Sharks Insurance Certificate 2021
  Stratford Sharks Swimming Club - CIO Constitution 2020  
  Charitable Incorporated Organisation - Registration Certificate  
  SwimMark Certificate 2021
  02.17.10 SSASC Code of Ethics  
  03.17.10 SSASC Code of Conduct for Swimming Coaches and Teachers  
  04.17.10 SSASC Code of Conduct for Swimmers  
  05.17.10 SSASC Code of Conduct for Parents  
  06.17.10 SSASC Committee Members Officials & Volunteers  
  07.17.10 SSASC Safeguarding Policy Statement  
  13.17.10 SSASC Swimmers Agreement  
  14.17.10 SSASC Mission Statement  
  16.17.10 SSASC Anti-Bullying Policy  
  17.17.10 SSASC Contract of Behaviour  
  24.17.10 SSASC Emergency Procedures.  
  42.17.10 SSASC Drugs Policy
  43.17.10 SSASC Social Media Guidelines
  47.18 SSASC Data Privacy Policy 2018.pdf  
   Health & Safety Policy  
   Staff recruitment and Succession Planning