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Athlete nutrition is a big subject and one that needs to be carefully watched for all swimmers, diet and hydration dramatically affect a swimmer's performance in Training and Competition.

There is a link below to the last Nutrition Lecture presentation by Dr Henryk Lakomy. The following points are the focus of the presentation;

30 minute window - You need to eat about 25-50g of Carbohydrate within this period (page 8)

500ml per hour of training - Water or weak squash is all you need, no protein shakes (page 13)

1 litre per day - Bottle in the fridge at night, empty by bedtime (page 14)

30% maximum fat - as a % of carbohydrates (page 20, see below for how to work it out!)

Nutrition Lecture Presentation - Pdf

British swimming: Eating out - Eat Smart!  Eating Out - Eat Smart v2.pdf

This is British Swimmings brief Nutrition Flier.