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Short Course:24 
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Competitve Swimming

Competitive swimming can be a great way to make new friends, push your boundaries, and accomplish feats you never thought possible.  Joining a swimming club like Stratford Sharks will give your child the opportunity to have coaching from some of the best coaches in the area and will also inspire them to improve not only physically but mentally as well.

The most important ingredient for any swimmer of a competitive swimming club is dedication. The training involved in competitive swimming increases with age & ability and becomes intense and repetitive, encompassing miles upon miles of laps being swum in various strokes. It may also include weight training and dietary monitoring. However the benefits outweigh the challenges – not only do you look and feel a lot fitter, but if you are good enough you can compete in the high profile championships, enter the elite level of swimming and compete and eventually win medals at major world championships.

If you are interested in signing your child up with us you need to make sure you have a few mornings or evenings free each week. Like all sports you will have to fit into the various squad's training schedule's so your daily commitment will change as they progress.  It is of course a lot easier for children to start competitive training and swimming than it is for adults, so it’s good to get your kids in early, as soon as they progress through their Learn to Swim to a sufficient level, 7-8 years is ideal but not essential.

Go to the Squad Progression page for more information.

Club Captains

Senior Club Captains & Vice Captains for 2018/19

Captains: Izzy Callaghan & Jake Ashfield
Vice Captains: Lauren Penny & Owen Lawton

Junior Captains for 2018

Captains - Leah Bowen & James Nash
Vice Captains - Molly Bullock & Henry Doggett

Club Records

A new set of club records were started when the club was formed in the merger of Avon Neptunes and Stratford Swimming Club.  It is the swimmer's responsibility to claim all records. 

The current Club Records Policy from 2012 can be read here.

Male - PDF     Updated  02-11-2018

Female - PDF     Updated 02-11-2018

Competitive Information

ASA Calendar for Open Meets, Training etc.

Gala Report Form Mail this to headcoach@stratfordsharksasc.co.uk  to help with gala reports

Thera-band Use - Video showing how to use a Thera-band correctly (.mp4 file 6.16mb)

Guide to Asthma in Training a brief guide to using an inhaler during training.  More information can be found on the British Swimming web site.

GB Rankings Database

See where you're ranked in the County, District and Nationally, click here

2018 European Junior Championships4th – 8th July 2018, Helsinki, FINLANDSelection Policy

Times Conversion

Use the program on the SWIMMERS menu to convert performances from any pool size using the ASA Equivalent Performance Tables.