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Stratford Sharks swimming club has as its main purpose the promotion of swimming activities as a means of personal safety, enjoyment and competitive sport, in Stratford and the surrounding areas.

Stratford swimming club seeks to offer provision of teaching, coaching and competitive opportunities to every club member irrespective of race, colour, gender, religion, wealth, age or ability and will help them all reach their personal swimming goals and potential.

Stratford swimming club puts the well being, health and safety of members above all considerations including developing performance and ensures that all teaching and training and competition program is appropriate to age ability and experience of the individual swimmer.

Stratford swimming club encourages all members not to violate the rules of the club or the sport; to comply with the codes, rules and laws of all national organisations to which it is a member; and to treat other competitors and teams with respect at all times.

Stratford swimming club treats all personal information about individual members as confidential except in exceptional circumstances regarding health and safety, medical requirements disciplinary action or in accordance with ASA child protection procedures and guidelines.

Our SWIM 21 Official Equality Policy document can be found on the SWIM 21 page of this web site.